Monday, August 26, 2013

There's a Place for Everything

It's amazing how easy it is to mess up a bedroom.  Like, soooo easy!!  Wake up, get out of bed, don't make the bed.  Take a shower, throw the robe and towel on the floor.  Try on four or five outfits, don't put anything away.  Bonus points if you leave those clothes on the floor. It's just so much work keeping my bedroom clean!!  My living room, kitchen and dining room are usually pretty neat and tidy.  But the bedroom just collected crap upon crap and I had a terrible habit of putting anything away.  About four weeks ago I had an epiphany.  I can not relax in a messy bedroom.  So how can I even have a good nights rest?

I guess you can call this my proof of cleanliness.  But since I kept my room so neat and tidy for 3 weeks in a row, I decided to treat myself to some much needed curtains and lamps.   And a plant!!

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